College Signing 2022

As Dede Calvillo and other counselors greeted parents & family in the gym this morning, about 80 El Modena High graduating seniors dressed in attire of their intended colleges waiting to have their pictures taken.

All the seniors who attended with school staff in the gym

This annual bitter sweet event means the school year is quickly drawing to a close. There is plenty to celebrate considering how the last 2 school years have been: limited seating graduations, virtual ceremonies and other restrictions.

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Cast of Frogs

We have to be ready at moment’s notice to work on location. It is less than ideal most of the time but it does force us to efficient and organized, ready to set up our lights and backdrops .

Styles of Lighting

When we are not photographing cast members of the theater or drama department, we practice our lighting skills using each other as subjects.

Just to make things more fun and interesting, we used fake tattoos, bandanas and some other props to mix things up. The lighting setups we have used are the classical Butterfly, Split, Rembrandt and Loop.

Take a look at how Justin Aguirre worked with Hana.

In order of appearance:Liam De Moor works with Darlene. Caitlin Van Hoepen with Nelly Aguilar and Nelly with SaraColeman

Justin Aguirre directs Hana

Portraits in tight spaces

Head and shoulder portraits are the bread and butter of many working photographers for many reasons. It doesn’t require a lot of expensive gear but it does require ‘space’.

In my very tight quarters of a classroom, picture a room of 32 20″iMacs, it doesn’t leave me any room to use a lens longer than a 50mm.

That in itself isn’t so tough as not having any ability to place lighting where we need it. We work mostly with cheap Yongnuo YN560 IV speed lights and its companion transmitter, often using 2 of them

Hana throws a volleyball to Emily as Katlyn shoots. Isai works at his computer

Which is your favorite?

Each year I notice my students’ work for this assignment Forced Perspective gets better. Great job everyone. Thank you for putting in such a great effort, especially Gio Raygoza and Michael Carrillo who brought their own toy cars, dinosaurs and action figures.

Help us get better by going to the poll and choosing your favorite. You can tell us why as well in comments. Please try and vote based on technique and not based on who took the picture.

Teamwork & collaboration is paramount on an assignment like this because it isn’t easy holding a pose for very long. Just ask Jenna O who had to keep still while standing on one leg.